The study of action and non-action

The Sharat Arora Yoga Method is the study of action and non-action, only when we find that balance can we experience harmony in the postures and true integration is possible. In order to achieve this, focus on flexibility and strength has to be put aside as it conflicts with our main goal which is to release tensions and overcome the limitations of the body. This is true freedom.
Master Yoga Teacher Sharat Arora spent 6 and a half years studying under Guruji BKS Iyengar personally and worked alongside him in the therapy sessions in Pune, therefore, classical Iyengar Yoga can be considered the basis of our method. We use props to maintain alignment and relaxation in all the poses. The method is immensely beneficial for healing all manner of ailments. During the practice we maintain our awareness inwards and directed towards the sen-sations of the body, rather than the thoughts to minimise and eventually eliminate the control of the mind.

In this method the organs of action are the hands and the feet and the trunk is passive. We keep our awareness here rather than performing local movements of the trunk. This revelation about the footwork is integral and specific to the Sharat Arora Yoga Method. All the postures therefore grow from the foundations from which alignment is easy to find.

The Sharat Arora Yoga Method is the study of action and non-action

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