What is the HIYC Members Zone for?

At the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre we strive to teach people how they can do self-practice at home. The Yoga videos from classes of Master Yoga Teacher Sharat Arora are to help the practitioners to stay up to date with the teachings as well as receive a daily inspiration to continue self-practice & self-exploration.

Who can subscribe to the HIYC Members Zone?

Only those who studied at the HIYC in India or completed any summer workshop in Sharat Arora YOGA Method and therefore are on our mailing list can subscribe to the HIYC Members Zone.

How do I subscribe to the HIYC Members Zone?

Firstly, you will be requested to go through the email verification process to confirm that you are the HIYC student in our data base. Once the verification was successful you will be invited to complete the payment part of the registration of your account.

Do I need any special program to watch HIYC Yoga videos?

You can watch the video in any Internet browser.

Can I download the HIYC Yoga videos on my computer / phone?

No, you can watch the videos through our website only.

What happens with my HIYC Members Zone account if I don’t use it for a few months?

Your HIYC Members Zone account is active until your subscription plan is valid. If you do not extend your plan, your account goes into inactive mode, but it is not deleted. At any time that you come back to your registered account by buying another time subscription, the status of the videos available is exactly the same as you left it. So, you start from where you left.

How many videos per week can I watch?

You can choose 7 videos per week. 1 video daily. Each video once watched lands in your personal library where you can come back and watch it again at any time in the future. So each week your library grows at rate of 7 videos a week.

Do I choose which videos I want to watch or they are pre-selected by HIYC Members Zone site program?

You choose the videos which you would like to watch by yourself.

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